Use Garden Designers Properly.

Last week I had another unfortuneate client who did not really understand the Professional Nature of our work.

Our websites are designed to give a good description of the work we do.

We are not people you should call if you need your garden clearing.

If you need horticultural advice to get you shrubs back to a proper shape, be sure to contact the right person for this.

 Professional people are not “hired for work” !

Take time to build up a realionship with the designer rather than appearing to be in a panic over the state of your garden.

The wish list should be appropriate to you size of garden.

It should not resemble a shopping list assembled by looking at everthing that you could do in a garden.

Try to be selective.

Time spent thinking things through carefull before you meet the designer is very wothwhile.

I hope that this will help you with working with Garden Designers so that each person can feel that they have a sense of achievement.



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