Having a week off.

I have had a rest this week.

A change of scenery is a welcome break.

 Here are some thoughts on my week. 

1)Will I be doing this at 95?

I met a super lady of 95 who went for a walk every day on her own.

She enjoyed a walk in the countryside looking at the Spring flowers.

She was full of talk of her activities.

It also gave her an appetite  for tea when she got home.

Feeding the birds was another occupation.

2)Another day I met a man who was just the opposite.

He described himself as a Garden Designer but just ran a maintenance firm.

People who do this and the odd planting plan are not Garden Designers.

People should ask for qualifications if they are in doubt.

3) The hedgerows are lovely at the moment and full of daffodils, primroses and bluebells.

Why not see this for yourself.

4) Everybody needs a break from the garden.

It is good to come home and see what has been going on while you where away.

5) One thing I for got to do was take in a tender plant.

I hope that tender care will being it back to life!




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