A change in direction .

I have has my business 12 years this month.
Anne smith designs started in 2005.

There has been a recession since then.

I changed the structure 4 years ago to concentrate on design only.
This was good move.

Now I would like to change again.

I wrote recently of the fact that it is not possible now to control the product.

I would like to explore the field of art.

However, contact with two art teachers was not that good.
One was very critical
The other was very unreliable.
AT the Chatsworth Show I met Gillian Beale.
She ran an art class.

She has set up her own art school at Doddington/lincs.
This week I visited her.
She is a woman of vision.

She was understanding of my situation.
I am talkative and suffer from hearing loss.
She has assured me that she can help me discover the relaxation and concentration of art.

I am so glad.

So this week i am going to the RA Summer Exhibition.
Later in the month I will go over to Doddington.

Designers work alone.
However i am looking forward to seeing how I get on in a different situation.
Like all things doing the research is very important.

I hope that my efforts will be rewarded.

Wish me luck!!

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