Controlling the product. The dog who wags the tail.

This week at Chatsworth I met a retired food product designer.
There are many similarities in the work including :
the client brief, research, exploring the parameters, risk assessment, health and safety,exploring ideas, the concept design,delivering the design.

It was great for me to have this conversation, as I work alone.

I got a new perspective on how major,unseen forces are at hand.
I knew a little of the as i did food technology as part of my biology degree.

It seems that the food industry itself has major hidden agenda.
For example , salt and sugar content.
Some food labels want their own image to be paramount.

In the end the product may be a very watered down example of the original.
This can be very hard to take.

I have recently had a similar experience.
The care garden started as a super project.
Lots of ideas were discussed.
Health and safety regulations were explored.
Contacts were approached.

Suddenly all this changed!!
Health and safety went out of the window.
Major construction details were just ignored.
All decisions came down to costs.

The result would have been a very poor product.

Garden Designers should take control of the product.
If clients want ” cut -price ‘products they should go to cut- price suppliers.

The dignity of the profession needs to be protected.

As does the wonderful occupation that is Garden Design!

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