Seven years on:

Recently I was reminded by a client that it is seven years since I did her garden.

This is worth celebrating.

Not only has the garden developed into a super garden, but our friendship has grown likewise.

A rare thing indeed today.

This is a large garden .

It runs from the house and can be seen from the window.

Gardens as big as this are not common in our town.

The client has a great knowledge of plants and gardens for most of the year.

Every time I look at it I am amazed at the dedication it takes to produce this.

It serves many functions.

The first is a hobby.

The patio can be used for entertaining.

It provides visual stimulation and is very pleasing on the eye.

The division hides the lower garden that is used for fruit and vegetables.

Some of the lawn housed a play house. This has now become obsolete with growth of the grandchild.

The borders need special mention .

These are the main features that have grown so beautifully in the last seven years.

They now look well stocked in a great variety of colours.

I know that this client experiments with plants.

Do not be afraid to try new plant combinations.

So -why not follow suit.

Get out their in your garden.

Invite the designer back into your garden

You will both benefit from the contact.

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