A very good tip.

It is difficult to know whether you should acknowledge that you are a consultant in horticulture.

My experience this week tells me that you should.

I was going to get help in the garden.

I did not go into my level of experience in detail.

However, the trouble with this is that less qualified people try to dominate you.

You know that your knowledge is better than the other person.

In making decisions, it is better to know who has the upper hand.

Some people will ask straight away what your level of expertise is.

Just tell them.

It saves time.

Also, you are not left feeling down because the other person has used you incorrectly.

If you are good at making contacts and helping others carry on doing this.

Let those that are very competitive and just think of themselves lead a selfish life.

I hope this will help others to expand their horizons.


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