Gardening for health–and lots of it!


Roses in my garden June 2017!

During recent weeks I have been quite ill in hospital.

The first thing I did on returning home was to go in my garden.

I felt more relaxed immediately.

In the days that followed I sat among my plants and enjoyed the sunshine. Eventually I was able to potter to get my energy levels back.

Sadly stress returned in getting the right aftercare.

Some of these problems were immense.

I sat in my garden to think the problems through.

A visit to Easton Walled Garden to see the Sweet Pea

Event with friend gave temporary relief.

Now that things have settled down I watched the  Hampton Court Flower Show.

Life today is full of conflict, aggression, frustration and poor moral.

To return to a more reasonable  life it is necessary to escape of environment.

Gardening does this.

The physical exercise helps break down tension.

The beauty of the plants gives hope and calm.

Long may  we  continue to appreciate that a calmer ,happier life is what we should be aiming for.




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