The garden designer is the boss!!

I have had to have an enforced rest .

This has given me time to reflect on what I find distressing in garden design today.

There is a movement for people to “Find themselves” and define themselves in different ways.

One could be a garden project.

However, it is unreasonable to expect the garden designer  to have to “Cowtow” to the client.

Recently I was involved in a difficult project  involving a garden for people in care.

Lots of health and safety rules come into play here.

Standards must be strict.

Materials must conform to certain standard.

It is plain stupid for a client to overrule the designer just so that they can feel

totally in charge of a project.

Common sense dictates the designer  has to be firm on recommendations.

Ask yourself is this project all about ME.

If it is you are just selfish and should think again about working with a professional .

This is taking competition too far.

Gardening is about enjoying the environment.

Let this be your main objective.


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