What is the right help for you?

I have been giving some thought to the various types of help that is available to gardeners.

It is important that you think what you need and how to get the help.

This includes  garden designers, gardeners, arborists,

landscapers , joiners , electricians or general odd job men.

1) if your garden is full of rubbish get a clearance man.

2)If your trees are overgrown or need pruning get an arborist.

3))Do not expect a designer to be happy if they have come into your garden to survey it and you “waylay” them asking for tree advice.

4)If you know what plants you want get a gardener in to plant them.

5)Joiners will be happy to put up a pergola.

6) Electricians can advice and install lighting.

So often now I meet clients who have no idea who to contact for what.

These leeds to confusion,frustration and sometimes quite bad aggression.

Think before you act!

You will save yourself a lot of trouble!






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