Lacking respect:


My recent contact with aggressive clients has made me quite disheartened by how the General Public treat people  in horticulture.

They know little of the training and expertise that we have.

Just because they have watched some gardening on TV  they think they know it all!!

Why don’t they look at the length and depth of training we go through.

They also know little of how to deal with people.

How often will they take advice?

How often will they listen instead of talking non -stop about themselves?

If you are paying for help why not listen to the advice given.

Before contacting a professional why not look into how they work.

Try to research what the job entails.

If the designer follows the regulations set out by the industry, do not try to compromise their professional standing by taking over and flaunting  the rules.

Lastly do not fall back on verbal abuse if the designer tries to maintain some control of the situation.

It all comes  down to treating others with respect.



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