My week: A fair deal for garden designers!


anne smith designs

Over the last couple of weeks I have experienced something that has disturbed me a great deal.

Often I have written articles to express my desire that clients try to gain some knowledge on what degree of expertise is needed to be a Garden Designer.

After the brief has been taken hours of research are needed to plan the design.

Care must be taken that construction details comply with agreed standards.

We try to explain this to the client.

Sometimes it is very difficult indeed.

If the brief requires states that the users may be people with dementia the research must be more rigourous.

Local authorities and building regulators come into play.

Paths must be a certain width.

People cannot be expected to use the same road as cars.

Raised beds need to be accessible to wheel chair users.

Probably lights could be useful .

I am trying to stress that cost and superficial aspects should be balanced against health and safety.

A sensible and considerate approach is needed.

I think that properly informed adults are aware of the care that must be taken.

From my experience in the last couple of weeks I worry that people who are setting up care homes and gardens do not take enough care.

Thankfully controls are in place to ensure the safety and monitoring of these homes.

This gives me reason to hope .

It will also offer peace of mind.







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