My week.


Sometimes I feel compelled to write about happenings with my business.

This week is one of them.

  1. Be sure to respect the process laid down by the garden designer. After years of running my business I am still surprised by the number of people who do not respond to the correct order of doing things.
  2. My telephone call to the client always includes a reference to the order of procedures.
  3. It still amazes me how people decide to do things their way and disregard any format set out by me.
  4. This is always an indication of what they will be like.
  5. Most often this results in  me leaving this work in favour of that which is more rewarding.
  6.  Destress with an ART Trip.
  7. This morning I went to the Usher gallery in Lincoln. 
  8. Two works caught my eye.
  9. One was entitled”Beech trees and healing”It was a collection of beech leaves taken throughout the year.
  10. Another was a collection of photographs by Andy Galsworthy. He often takes Natural topics for his work.

By the end of my visit I had forgotten any work related stress and came back with a feeling of relaxation.


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