Plants: another perspective.

Palmstead Workshop this year was based around plants and what they have done for us. 

1)Dr. Mark Spencer concentrated his talk on Native Meadows and planting. 

It is important to consider this as it affects biodiversity. 

2)Plants are associated with Allergies. 

There is now a concern that garden designers try to inform themselves about species of plants that could induce asthma attacks in the very young and old.

3)Pollution is  a topic that is a concern to us all.

4)The RHS is doing research into plant physiology in respect to this.

5)Trees are very important in the Urban Landscape . 

It was therefore useful to have a talk on trees and Urban planning. 

Lyon in France has put back trees in the city with many beneficial effects.

6)Sadly tree diseases are on the increase.

It is now important to know where plants have been sourced.

7) Jinny Blom explained how horticulture can be used to alleviate trauma. 

This is now a well documented topic.

Sometimes it can be useful to take a day away from the drawing board to consider  the principles behind modern practices and learn about worthwhile changes we can all make.



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