Think before you leep!

Once again this week I have been made aware that often clients do not really know why they have contacted a Garden Designer.

Garden Design is a business.

The format has been developed through experience and and long training.

What is offered all has a purpose.

Each section fits into the whole.

The site survey and evaluation forms the basis of knowledge on which the design is constructed.

Recommendations for soil care must come before planting plans are suggested.

The client brief is a way of suggesting what the client would like to be included.

It is NOT a list that must be kept to at all cost.

A designer is a highly qualified person.

Expert in their field.

When a good rapport is achieved, they will suggest new ideas to the client.

A working knowledge of materials means they know what is best suited to the conditions.

Trust is very important.

If the client feels that can do it all themselves they should follow this path.

Landscapers are available to produce hard landscaping.

Local nurseries will help supply plants.

Therefore do the research.

Make sure that you are aware what thedo.

Find out why they differ from  other  providers in this field.







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