Inspirational images.

This week I have been looking at the work of early photographers.

One that caught my eye was Julia Margaret Cameron. 

She was a Victorian photographer.

Her images show woman in long floating dresses and beautiful flowing hair.

The pictures of men depict them in smart three piece suits and long beards.

This then was an age of refinement.

Some of the models used poses from mythology or literature.

This was the same era that William Morris was making wall paper prints from natural flowers.

How can this amazing work influence design today?

Dedication to detail is the key.

Perhaps Native Planting can inform plant design.

Hard landscape patterns could involve symmetry and repetition of natural shapes.

Iron work may be used for furniture.

Above all this movement calls for a return to art as the centre of design.

I shall be using this principle in developing new ideas for my own garden design work.

A fresh look at garden design is long overdue.

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