A sustainable strategy for the future.

This week the workshop at Palmstead Nurseries in Kent was challenging.

The speakers came from a wide variety of backgrounds.

All called for designers to face the fact that the planet is a precious place.

Noel Farerr   suggested that a global image was important..

Mary Reynolds thought that any development of the land needs to reflect the needs of the land itself.

Tim o’Hare rightfully pointed out that soil science must play a part.

Brita von Schoenaich wanted us to keep in mind that trees play an important part in the future of the landscape.

All this requires us to take a long term view about the decisions we make.

These must be based on informed opinions .

They must take in views across the spectrum of ideas.

A individualistic approach is not going to be the answer because the problems are far reaching.

It seems that a sustainable strategy is the way forward. 

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