Renovation of my front garden.

I am getting very excited about this.

In the last few days I have removed the lavender along the path.

Also the alchemilla mollis.

The violets will need to come out as well.

While  I am about it the Sambuca Nigra will be recycled to a friend.

It is a good time to thin out plants that have become too invasive.

This  leaves room to plant new flowers ,such as Lychnis.

In another section the Acanthus mollis will be relocated.

The berberis needed a drastic prune.

I have a beautiful pink rose called Fragrant Child next to the front door.

I have cut this back since most of the blooms have finished.

Before work starts on laying a new path/hard landscape  area ,I will protect the fern with some fleece.

Does it all sound like hard work?

That is because it is!


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