Don’t go for the “Quick fix” solution.

This week I have been very sad about the number of people that now go for a quick solution to any problem without much thought.

The first was a local school that wanted a sensory garden for the children.

They decided to ask the landscaper to just “Put some plants in”.

The next was a client who had been pressurised by her neighbour.

He had bought a new camper van.

This was 3 inches longer than the old one.

His solution was for her to take down her natural hedge and replace it by a fence  to give him more room.

Very little thought went into either of these projects.

The attitude is either” what I want” is all that matters or “lets get it done as cheap as we can”.

Thought and planning go out of the window.

Is this really the way forward for the environment , or the future?

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