Trees should be treated with care:

Last week I talked to a company who were involved on evaluating  trees in schools.

They survey the trees and report back to the local authority.

I was amazed to hear that such a special tree as a Redwood was found in the playground.

Other stories abound about poor siting of trees in schools.

The company produce  a report about the Risk for Children.

Poor treatment of such trees has been the “Status Quo”.

What great news then that local authorities are now required to both survey and take appropriate action with regards to trees in playgrounds.

Let us hope that this can be linked to a greater involvement by teachers  in educating children with a knowledge of trees.

The RHS is promoting gardening in schools.

I would like to suggest that this should be extended to  a closer look at the environment around the school.

One of my favourite memories of my Junior School on the Isle of Wight  was the escorted “Nature walks”.

Perhaps this could be put on the Curriculum for Junior schools.

Children should be encouraged  to get outside and look at the wealth the Natural Environment has to offer.

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