Amazing Alpines: Notts HPS

Diane Clements from the Midland branch of the Alpine Society gave a wonderful talk about her own garden.

Entitled”A garden for all seasons” it certainly covered the brief.

She made a point of showing the audience that  this garden experienced  a large amount of shade.

This made the wide variety of plants grown even more of an achievement.

I was interested to know that she used two different types of mulch.

Bark for a “Woody” spot and gravel for the sunny ,rocky site.

There are some great small shrubs that suit this type of garden, including Hamamelis, Daphne and small Rhododendron.

Underplanting  completes the scene . Such plants as Cyclamen, Galanthus and Eranthis can be used.

Later in the year Meconopsis make a show in the sunny areas.

I hope to have a go at planting small lilies this year.

There were lots more plants that were new to me.

I think that I may well have to increase the area of my garden devoted to Alpine plants!

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