Christmas celebrations :

I have been reading about some of the celebrations that have a Natural theme.

The Tannenbaum or Christmas tree was found in Friburg ,Germany in 1419 laden with nuts and baked goods for children to pick.

Queen Charlotte bought this to England at the start of the 19 th century.

Queen Victoria had a tree in Kensington Palace in 1848.

Mistletoe came from the Vikings.

If two feuding Nordivc warriors met under a sprig. They were expected to make up.

The  European yule log was used burnt for 12 days to reflect on the year past and welcome the year ahead.

Traditionally  there was  feasting  in midwinter before the harshest times to come.

History was not my favourite topic at school.

However, I have enjoyed learning about the Christmas celebrations that use Natural products from the environment.

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