Shrubs make a comeback.

The FT magazine covered this recently.

It also suggested that for some garden designers they have always been popular.

Natural Planting has featured high on designers lists.

One idea would be to have both type of borders in a garden.

Here are some shrubs that are worth considering.

Berberis: have green or purple leaves.

Chimonanthus praecox/Wintersweet  has lovely delicate yellow flowers.

Daphne bholua:is good for winter scent and flowers.

Hydrangeas:are very fashionable.

Rhododendron mucronatum: is white.

Sarcococa has a super smell in winter.

Skimmia x confuse is attractive.

Viburnum opulus  has white balls.

This is just a taste of the variety that can be achieved  by using shrubs .

They are quite easy to maintain and form  strong features in a border.

So reconsider them in your garden.

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