Making an entrance!

There are many topics that I could write about this week.

I have been on holiday.

 Front entrances is a favourite topic of mine.

I have gazed in wonder at the large variety of ways that people make this space their own.

Pots of plants was introduced to us by Christopher Lloyd at Great Dixter.

Roses around the door is a traditional theme.

Here are some other ideas that I have seen on my travels.

Coloured  walls in pastel colours with doors in a matching shade.

Patterned paving slabs.

Kitsch statues such as sailors.

Shell patterns.

Attractive glass panels by the door.

Paths of gravel, slate or paving stones.

The key is to go with your own choice of hard landscaping.

Blend in the walls and door.

Add some interest in the form of plants or objects that with give a focal point.

The aim should be to entice the people who walk by to take a closer look at your entrance.




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