The Joy of Gardening:Eileen Campbell

Being a Garden Designer means that you are frequently in touch with the Public.

Sometimes this can be stressful ,because they are anxious about gardening.

I do not have this negative outlook.

It is therefore necessary to “recharge my batteries” from time to time.

With this in mind I turned to “The Joy of Gardening”.

I know the author and I felt the need to look at this book for its own sake.

I was not disappointed.

The introduction outlined why many of us enjoy engagingin the pursuit of gardening.

It provides physical,emotional and spiritual renewal.

Sometimes it is good to hear somebody else voice this opinion.

The rest of the book is divided into Seasons.

After an account of the activity associated with the chosen season,there follows an anthology of writings on the same theme.

This is a thorough and useful collection.

The topics was new to meand I enjoyed reading the short passages.

The variety added to the interest.

I would recommend reading this book to enrich your knowledge of writings on the subject.

It will also help to motivate you into seeing gardening as the wonderful activity that it is.



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