Re- charging the batteries;

Everyone who deals with the geberal public needs to have a break.

I am having the whole of Setptember off.

During the last week I have visited 3 gardens, been to a Gardener’s Question Time and won a plant in

a raffle!

David Measures, the artist, lived here in Southwell.

Before his death last year he urged me to visit his father’s garden in Warwick.

The Mill Garden , lies just under The Castle by the river. It is beautiful.

Last sunday some friends in Southwell opened their delightful garden for charity.

This was followed by Gardener’s Question Time.”

The evening ended with a raffle in which I won a super white Phlox.

On tuesday my husband and I stayed at Barnsley House.

The was the home of garden designer Rosemary Verey.

More wonderful late flowering plants.

To finish off a very kind man in the nearby hamlet gave me some “Lily of the Valley!

Gardeners are such friendly people!



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