Managing money matters in an economic “Downturn”.

A new model for managing resources in difficult times is to use local resourses.

Many councils are putting this to the test.

One such resource is local expertise .

There is a fund of local knowlege that Councils could use.

This can be in the form of paid or inpaid advise from local experts.

Such “Input” into solving local issues can be invaluable.

However, this requires a change of heart of the part of some council members.

NCC in its”Business Summit” welcomed the chance for a discussion with local business people who

could give their  ideas on the future of Nottingham.

Sadly,not everyone on local councils is yet conversant with this approach.

These people need to climb down from their exhauted vision of themselves as servants of the people.

The way forward is for everybody to be allowed to have their say.

Open discussion, together with the acceptance of a new model for solving local issues, should

be be put on the agenda.

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