open spaces: The past and the present.

Getting the balance rigth between preserving the past and making way for the future is a difficult probelm.

Here in Southwell,  many  ancient sites have been discovered.

In fact a lot of the town could be claimed as the site of some ancient remains.

What happens when there is a need to provide new houses in such towns?

In reality a long battle occurs between different factions.

This causes friction and stress.

A way to resolve such difficuties is to ascertain how important the sites are.

What needs preserving?

How much needs preserving is another question.

Life has to go on.

A compromise solution should be found.

Using sites for “Open Spaces” for all is one idea.

Another is to let developers have a small amount of land.

 Let these sites  be examples of  living compromise not ancient battle grounds!


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